A Pound of Cure

Last week, I discussed what to do to prepare yourself for a night of drinking to avoid the dreaded hangover. This week, I will tackle what to do if you forget (in a drunken haze) to follow the tips or if the tips failed to work for you.

So after a night of drinking, you wake up the next day feeling like you were run over by a bullet train, looking like a revived corpse and smelling like puke! We’ve all been there in varying degrees. When we wake up and the hangover isn’t so bad, we give thanks to the drinking gods (and for the late night/early morning drunchies… when you were extremely drunk the night before and needed to gorge yourself with food, anything salty) for being spared just for that one time. But this article is not for those times. This article is for the times you feel like all the spirits you’ve taken the night before have come back to haunt you, Amityville style. You have probably been hugging the toilet bowl the night before, puking your brains out and swearing “I will never ever drink again!!!” Retching most of the things you swallowed the night before,  the parched throat that feels like you’ve been crawling through the hot desert, the queasiness that feels like it’s your first time on a ship and you’re just getting your sea legs, the sour stomach, the feeling so bad, the world is spinning, you make a deal with whichever god is real for him/her/it to please just make everything stop!

This article is by no means an attempt to glamourize getting drunk or binge drinking. I am merely acknowledging that hangovers are part of the “enjoyment” of drinking and am giving tips as to how to address them. Lord knows we all need help when we are in that state.

•  Soup #5 – this local exotic delicacy, made traditionally of bulls’ balls, is said to cure even the worst of hangovers. I guess the thought of eating testicles is enough to pull anyone out of a hangover.

•  Rehydrate – I can’t emphasize this enough. Drinking water, coconut juice or even better, Gatorade, is one of the best gifts you can give yourself if you’re hung-over. The worst hangovers are caused by dehydration, and rehydrating with water or sports drinks is the best way to recover.

•  Eat “unhealthy” food – This is probably one of the only times when eating greasy food comes in handy. Eating salty oily food when you’re hung-over is one of the best ways to recover. The oil coats your stomach and absorbs the acidity caused by all that drinking the night before and helps you recover quicker.

•  Bananas – You lose a lot of vitamins when you drink, and eating bananas the next day gets potassium into your system fast. Plus bananas are gentle on the stomach. What’s more, they provide necessary electrolytes lost during heavy drinking.

•  Sleep – Taking a nap after eating and drinking to replenish your lost nutrients allows you to sleep through the worst of the hangover and allows your body to rest. When you wake up, you’ll feel closer to being human.

•  Paracetamol – If all else fails, some mild pain meds could help. This works best with the other tips combined.

•  Hangover Patches – Bytox Patches. I have not tried these personally, but reviews seem convincing. It’s definitely worth a try. Definitely buying a box of these.

•   Hair of the Dog – This is one of the most common hangover cures. Just some more alcohol to make you feel better about that hangover. Drinking just a little bit more booze may boost your spirits and lessen the awful effects of a hangover. This drink has all the ingredients your body needs to recover (or so they say!). With that in mind, I will share one of the most popular “hair of the dog” cures out there: The Bloody Mary.

The Bloody Hail Mary

45 ml Vodka
50 ml Tomato Juice (V8)
10 ml Port (or Red Wine)
15 ml Lemon Juice
5 ml Balsamic Vinegar
5 ml Chambord (or Sugar Syrup)
5 ml Olive Brine
4 dash Tabasco
4 dash Lee Perins
1 bar spoon Horse Radish
A pinch of salt
Garnish: Cucumber, Olive, Cilantro, Black Pepper
Created by Head Bartender/Bar Manager of Hooch Bar (Makati), Mr. Jay Doy (UK)

 I was discussing with Jay hangover cures and as I was closing my article he shared to me a favorite quote of his, about life, drinking and hangovers… “I have always lived violently, drunk hugely, eaten too much or not at all, slept around the clock or missed two nights of drinking, worked too hard and too long in glory, or slobbed for a time in utter laziness. I’ve lifted, pulled, chopped, climbed, made love with joy and taken my hangovers as a consequence, not as a punishment.” – John Steinbeck in Travels with Charley: In Search of America.


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