Freedom of the press and mass media

Part II

(Continuation of article published on 07/04/2015)


Opinion makers and columnists must first and foremost not write anything that is inimical to the interest of the publisher.   Such is the cardinal rule that must be observed by writer under the so-called “free and democratic system” that we have.   Public interest comes in only if the issues will not affect the interest of the media owner.  In fact, anybody who dares write an opposing view cannot expect to see his ideas in print, and that cannot surpass the   owner of his right to property.  As one might put it, “you better put up your own newspaper to exercise your right to freedom of expression”. 

Surprisingly, despite attempts to defraud people of their choice of candidate, a new kind of protest is evolving.  The technology of internet is now challenging the conclusion made by the combined forces of the mainstream media of their self-serving poll survey outfit.  Social media has now become more reliable because there is an interactive exchange of ideas and opinion.  Everybody is free to give his opinion, and is difficult to censor.  In fact, some candidates even use the social media to conduct their own survey, and often, the result is contradictory to the survey results conducted by the leading poll surveys outfit.         

Through the years, the elite, the Church, and the imperialists have long deceived the people by tightly controlling the mainstream media through which they created an “information cartel,” and lately, using the new scheme of conditioning the minds of the people as to who is likely to be the next leader of this forlorn country.  Of course, the use of poll survey has long been used in the US.   But in our case, our poll surveys have repeatedly and regularly used their findings to pursue their insidious campaign of electioneering by emphasizing that this person, if he runs for president, is likely to win.   They do not even do their duty of enlightening the public that their so-called “popular choice” is possibly mentally unfit for the job, a demagogue, a clown, bigot, or one who has a lust for vengeance.  

Poll surveys have gained popularity or notoriety, and in fact has become one big business enterprise by their syndicated practice of conditioning the minds of the people.  It a kind of pavlovian conditioning for people to accept the outcome of an election.

Since we have stretched our concept of freedom of the press and expression to a point of absurdity, poll surveys too invoke their right to freedom of the press, meaning that the government has no right to stop their questionable practice of trending, claiming it as indivisible to our democracy.    They ignore that trending is an insult to the intelligence of the Filipino people because it deprives them of their choice by injecting into their minds that what they suggest is a better choice.  In that case, the democracy which the hypocritical elite have been loudly promoting becomes useless, for it seems, the outcome of the election is already a pre-determined process. 

It cannot be said as fair and honest because the people feel they were cheated but made blurred because the candidate who won was expected to win.  Besides, poll surveys are not driven by some kind of civic spirit, but for commercial consideration.   They openly admit to receive funding and donations from anybody seeking their services.  

Any government that will attempt to suppress their nefarious practice is likely to be accused of dictatorial tendency though the issue is not really about their right to freedom of the press, but in assuming and making it known to the public that this candidate which happened to be their choice is likely to win, and ergo, the public should vote for him.  They have the advantage because the half-informed public is now on their side, without them thinking it was their freedom of choice that was violated.   


In fact, it is more than just an issue of legality, but a moral issue.  In a truly functioning democracy, the voters should be given their choice.  Their choice is important much that it gives the voters their freedom whom to vote.  The right comes in only after they made their choice, and not that somebody made a choice for them. In fact, trending or conditioning the minds of the people as to who is likely to win is a form of cheating.  

This practice is dangerous because of the sophisticated method that could cause the people to act or react to every given situation like electing their leader.  By engaging in a subtle form of endorsement, they can be held liable for electioneering.   The resultant effect is that  those who nonetheless stick to their choice of candidate are looked upon as less intelligent votes and non-conformists because they voted against the mainstream choice in favor of their parochial attachment or affiliation like belonging  to the same religion, or being a province mate, or a relative. 

Quite strange is that candidates projected by poll surveys as most popular are often those who have no clear- cut position on how they intend to resolve some of the pressing problems we have.  One could readily sense that they are manipulating the minds of the voting public.   One who dares confront the issues squarely and is likely to steer controversy is purposely made less popular.  Thus, the image of an accommodating and compromising candidate is readily endorsed by the mainstream media indicating that there exists a conspiracy between the two to deceive the people.  It is the mainstream media that somewhat certifies the findings of the poll survey.

One must not forget that the mainstream media is made up of the newspapers, the television stations and radio broadcasts.  Once they combine their resources together to support their chosen stooge, that now seals the fate of the other candidates for which the more ghastly operation of electoral fraud and cheating would be carried, and the losing candidates would have an uphill battle in proving his allegation.  

Many believe the entry of poll survey to boost the candidacy of certain candidates together with the imposition of an information cartel by the mainstream media is done to tighten the grip of the oligarchy and their Western brokers in the country.  The receding influence of the US has caused the oligarchy to panic.   Instead of invading or subverting the government, all they need is to condition the minds of the people that their chosen stooge is likely to win, though he or she has not accomplished anything and even if her citizenship status is questionable.   


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