Political mercenaries the Liberal Party

When Local Government Secretary Manuel “Mar” Roxas said he might give way to the wish of President Benigno “Noynoy Aquino should he decide to pick Senator Grace Poe as the possible front runner of the Liberal Party in the coming 2016 presidential election, it is obvious that those who attended the dinner in Malacanang did not have in mind the future of this country.  The grudging statement of Roxas that he has a track record of sacrificing for the party and friendship was a “consuelo de bobo” because the dinner was called to map out plans on how the party could keep itself in power, and assure the outgoing anointing power he will not share the same ignominious fate that happened to the two former Presidents.

Maybe the man who has been hoisting the flag of “tuwid na daan” could sense that his possible nesting place now awaits him.  It was one of the unsaid topics discussed, which is for the anointed candidate to win at all costs to insulate attempts to exact vengeance for which this regime has gained notoriety. It would be unthinkable to see the greatest hypocrite ending up in jail.   On the whole, the country is laughing because the party in power has been technically decapitated of possible presidential candidates.   In fact, no right-thinking party member would risk losing those billions of dirty money with an uncertain chance of winning.  

This explains why PNoy wants a free hand to anoint his heir–apparent and would not mind giving away the trophy to a non-party member.   For that prosaic situation, no politician who honors his principle would accept the idea of accepting a political mercenary just to ensure itself of winning in this coming election.  It is not a case of Mar Roxas sacrificing.  Rather, he was made the sacrificial lamb to allay the fear of the greatest fraud. 

The very moment, PNoy and Speaker Feliciano Belmonte suggested the idea of picking Senator Grace Poe as their possible substitute candidate, claiming she is unbeatable, the party leadership practically insulted Mar Roxas.  Everybody knows he has been gearing for the presidency since 2010, even before PNoy’s handlers decided to field him as their candidate.   To the oligarchy and his Western financiers, it is not a question of who is next in line, but on one who could bring home the bacon.   

If President Aquino and the LP leadership have their great respect for the Constitution, they would not have entertained the idea of suggesting to Senator Grace Poe to run because of her questionable citizenship.  Instead of resolving that issue to give the Liberal Party the redeeming factor that the party did not wait for  somebody to file a disqualification case, it acted motu proprio in resolving the issue that made a rug of our Constitution.  But none of that is in their mind.  Keeping themselves in power is all they care about.     

At the very start, Poe has shown signs of unbridled opportunism much that when she ran in 2013, she did not join the party that invited her.  She merely joined the ticket called Team PNoy to embellish her  winnability.  She completely dropped the political party that was formed and used by her adopting father in the 2004 campaign.  Moreover, she did not use her American husband’s surname Llamanzares just to suit her political ambition.   Instead, she cashed in on the popularity of Fernando Poe, Jr. who ran in 2004 but was cheated by Mrs. Arroyo.  Otherwise, Poe would be a non-political entity today. 

On the other hand, the circumstances that compelled Roxas to give way to PNoy was more acceptable because he was  a party member who was likely to win, although that fact is now questionable because of alleged computerized cheating.  Hare-brained politicians like Speaker Belmonte must bear in mind that even if Poe wins the election, it does not mean that the prohibition must give way to the mandate of the people.  There is no mandate to speak of in the first place, or in the words of Jose Ma. Sison, void ab initio.  The mandate is strictly circumscribed to her being qualified for the office. 

She now exhibits some kind of overbearing attitude feeling that the electorate is now in the bag.   The oligarchy and the business group openly announced their support and willingness to finance her candidacy which she considers as the magic wand that could make her the most viable candidate to our mostly undiscerning voters.   Poe knows that money will give her the edge more than the wishes of the electorate.  Roxas should not begrudge his own party should it decide to junk him, but the people who were gypped thinking the LP will bring about their salvation.

But as it turned out, the party is now working hard to ensure the re-colonization of this country by the US. 

Being in the category of a political mercenary, Poe’s election as President in the words of the Institute of International Finance (IIF) would be good for this pathetic republic.  It is the same mental conditioning the Western media and their local hucksters implanted into the minds of the ordinary people; that if PNoy is elected, it would be good for us even if he has a track-record of not having accomplished anything when he was a congressman and senator, except to draw his salary.  The same can be said of this overtly ambitious alien who, for obvious reason, did not submit the  investigation report of the murderous ambush that killed 44 of our elite police force at Mamasapano that clearly pointed  responsibility to PNoy.  

Should Poe finally decide to go for it, she wants Senator Chiz Escudero as her possible running mate, who like her is not an LP.  To recall, when Escudero floated his plan to run for President in 2004 under the Nationalist People’s Coalition, he suddenly dropped his ambition.    Talks from the grapevine had it that he was disowned by his supposed financier who is a known political kingmaker.  Now, Escudero wants to grab the United Nationalist Opposition from Vice President Jejomar Binay after he dropped out of the NPC to form a separate opposition party after his ambition fizzled out, and served instead as spokesman during the campaign of FPJ under UNO.    The question now is, how can Escudero claim to be a member of the UNO or much more of the NPC when by his own conduct, he is acting more like an LP kibitzer?      

To conclude, the Liberal Party is more of a syndicate.  Its decision is being made by a select few who behave more like kingpins.  The LP has become the political front of the elite and the oligarchy funded by their Western brokers.  It is not concerned about the welfare of the people or about the future of this country. Rather, these hypocrites have institutionalized the corrupt practice of patronage by their use of pork barrel (through DAP and PDAF) such that people vote those who hold the purse and not those seeking to bring about real changes in our society. 


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