Poe should confront the issue against her

At stake is the qualification of the person who, once elected   by the people, would govern this Republic for the next six years.  The fate of more than 100 million Filipinos would then be on that person’s hands, and this explains why only a natural-born Filipino can be elected as President. 

Thus, the case filed against Senator Grace Poe by an honest crusader for good government, Rizalito David, cannot be termed as harassment or an act of bullying, but a rightful demand from an ordinary Filipino that the Constitution be faithfully observed. 

It would be a downright insult on the intelligence of the Filipino people seeing that the person whom they elected President swears upon assumption to office that, “she will faithfully and consciously fulfill her duties as President of the Philippines, preserve and defend its Constitution, execute the laws, and do justice to every man, consecrate herself to the service of the nation” knowing that she openly violated the law upon which she swears to uphold.  That means we will be having a President who is above the law.

Anybody who is not qualified for the office should know at the outset that she has no legal and moral ascendancy to govern.  Her mandate does not erase the fact that she is not qualified or that her election absolves her from possible criminal liability arising from her act of misrepresentation or perjury.   Her mandate  automatically fizzles out because that is applicable only to those who are qualified to run, while her election is based on a different parameter; that she obtained  the highest number of votes as against her rivals.  

Surely, the learned justices of the Supreme Court cannot be dissuaded by the simpleton theory advanced by Speaker Feliciano “Sonny” Belmonte for the fact that Grace Poe is popular, the Constitution must now bow down to her wishes.  Not even an unschooled citizen would subscribe to that idiotic theory. 

This actress named Jesusa Sonora, a.k.a. Susan Roces should stop making all her nonsensical blah blah blah of her daughter being a foundling child or one who was deserted or abandoned by unknown parents because that is not the issue.  It is not even her lack of residence that is in question because even if she has fulfilled that requirement, that could not restore her status as once a natural-born citizen.    All one can say is that she is a naturalized Filipino citizen.   As said, a natural-born citizen is one who need not perform any act to complete her citizenship, and such is not difficult to understand. 

Yes, Senator Grace Poe was once a natural-born Filipino citizen.  Even if she claims to be a foundling child whose parents cannot be determined, still that would not affect her status as a natural-born citizen because there is always that legal presumption that foundlings born or found within the jurisdiction of this country are natural-born Filipino citizens.  But when she opted to become an American citizen in October 2001, she became an alien for all intents and purposes.  Whether she did that for convenience or to secure employment is beside the point.   What is clear is that she abandoned her Filipino citizenship.  

When she reacquired her Filipino citizenship in July 2006, she again did that to qualify for the office that was offered her by this tuwid na daan, as head of the Movie and Television Review and Censor Board.  Yes, she reacquired her Filipino citizenship but now as a naturalized Filipino citizen.  Both her decision to renounce her Filipino citizenship and her decision to re-acquire it were consciously done by her knowing that for every act she commits would have repercussions on her status in relation to the office she now is aching to get.  She was already of age when she renounced her Filipino citizenship.  However, when she opted to re-acquire her Filipino citizenship, that did not restore her original status as a natural-born Filipino citizen.  

Even if Poe claims that she is relying on the dual citizenship privilege that was enacted into law by politicians having in mind of enticing Filipinos to return to the Philippines just to vote, still that would not suffice because the US recognizes only one citizenship for its people.  The US would never surrender its citizen to our jurisdiction even if it is alleged that he is sporting two citizenship.   That should have been clear to the minds of our stupid politicians.   Besides, the concept of dual citizenship that was invented by politicians like Senator Edgardo Angara cannot be used to collaterally amend the Constitution which strictly requires one to be a natural-born Filipino citizen to become President of this wayward Republic.       

By adding color is on how she come to this earth with her mother dramatizing that she was found at the front of the Jaro Church in Iloilo neatly wrapped in white cloth and was given her birthday dated as September 3, 1968,  will not serve to erase the fact that she is not qualified for the office.  On the contrary, the insistence, even threatening to openly flaunt the laws, is telling of the possible bad trait about her.  To put it straight, whether she has accomplished something while serving as senator would not make her eligible for the office.   Maybe that would serve to enhance her popularity, but again that would not erase the fact that she is not qualified.   

It is most suggested that she stop blaming people for her predicament that now appears to stall her ambition.    Rizalito David is simply doing his job as a good citizen to ensure that we elect people who are qualified for the office. He is not engaged in harassment.  In fact, Grace Poe is free to file a libel case against her detractors once the case questioning her citizenship is dismissed.  Senator Poe and her idiotic supporters should confront the issue squarely much that if resolved in her favor, she would be the first to benefit from that decision.    But she could sense, the court may not decide the case in her favor.

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