It is more than Poe’s citizenship

When Senator Grace Poe ran for the Senate and won with most of our semi-politically conscious voters giving her a respectable lead, she entertained the thought that she would be able to get away by continuing her misrepresentation of claiming to be a Filipino.  So, her battle cry now is—she is a Filipino, and the rest of us are not. 

Our voting of one who is not qualified for the office was bolstered when nobody from among our pusillanimous politicians made a peer-squeak that we have, in our midst, an alien governing us.  This I say because in the land with mostly shattered moral values, though pretending to be the only Christian nation in Asia, our spineless politicians, instead of seeing danger that lurks by the entry of an alien into our political system that is supposed to be exclusive and reserved to us Filipinos, cashed in on her magical popularity.  Many were unaware that she was a product of the mainstream media and affirmed by the anomalous hocus-PCOS, a political cancer that has been implanted into our make-believe democracy that reduced some of our political analysts to buffoons, like articulating on issues that have no relevance to our people and to our country.

Why B.S. Aquino and his hypocritical yellow hoard opted to pluck an alien living obscurely and having her peace of mind in the US with her children and husband is something that more than meets the eye.  Many suspect, it was not a decision that oozed out of a timid mind.  Rather, it was a premeditated attempt to redo their feat in 2010 of waylaying our half-conscious people to vote for another empty can.  Allowing an alien to run for an office which the Constitution has categorically and specifically reserved to Filipinos who staked their lives in this country through thick and thin is something of a double insult. Logically, voting one who is not qualified amounts to disenfranchising oneself in favor of an alien.  

Even as a senator, nobody dared to question her citizenship, except for that crusading Filipino who is now branded by the mainstream media as a sore loser.   How much more if this alien becomes president of this land inhabited by gullible people?  Everybody knows that most of our politicians fall in line before the one who holds the purse. 

Let us stop fooling ourselves that what we have is a democracy.  Ours is a system called “payolacracy,” and nothing could amplify that than the seeming silence and meekness of our elected officials and members of the judiciary from questioning the citizenship status of Ms. Grace Poe.  Rather, it took one brave Filipino soul by the name of Rizalito David to do it.   

More than that, the danger of us electing an alien is now an open secret.  Poe’s candidacy is being brokered and funded by powerful foreign interest groups with some local oligarchy acting as their collaborators.  The semi-politically articulate Filipinos might just vote for one who is fronting this group; that after financially raping this country would set the stage of pushing us to go to war with our neighbor.  Common sense dictates that one must have billions of pesos to throw away just to give her a winning chance.   Even if Ms. Poe was able to scoop all the PDAF and DAF during her term as senator, still that would not suffice to bear the cost of running for President. 

Suspicion of her as a lackey is not far-fetched.  This can be traced when she purposely refused to submit the committee’s report on the Mamasapano investigation. It is  not that the report might inflame anew the emotions of the widows and the relatives of the 44 SAF members who were practically butchered by people now asking  for understanding of their demand for independence. To avoid exposing the more sensitive issue of foreign involvement in that operation that was allowed by this wayward government.     

Ms. Poe now wants to bring out her possibly rehashed report because her continued withholding of it has pulled down her rating.  But before she could come out with her long-delayed report, her own patron, B.S. Aquino, pre-empted her by promising to come out an “alternative truth” about the incident.  But if one would ask, where on hell did he get the loony idea of an “alternative truth”?  Basic logic will tell that he who takes that stand needs to have his mind rewinded.   The word “alternative” has reference to a choice.  Under a given situation, a choice is made before that thing happens, usually a choice between lesser harm or evil, but not to a situation which already occurred. 

That is why people say that the truth is always the truth.  Thus, the report touted by this hallucinating President can either be true or false, and there is no such thing as “alternative truth”  for that would be tantamount to presenting  the half truth of what  happened which is unacceptable.    

If Ms. Poe was able to get away with it by almost completing her term as senator despite her ineligibility for the office, then who will question her should our people commit the mistake of electing an alien?  Of course, mercenary and stupid lawyers never run out of arguments that her election makes the case against her citizenship status moot and academic or functus oficio, as others would say it. But would she not act violently should there be more Lito Davids pestering her for brazenly tampering her birth certificate just to qualify for the office? Would this lady who is so arrogant, ambitious, and greedy for power sit idly to any complaint that would force her to step down from the throne? 

The two issues of residency and her claim of being a foundling are in truth out of the question.  Residency would not have bearing on the issue to be resolved because it is her status, whether or not she is a natural-born citizen, that is being resolved.  Even if she had been staying here for more than 100 years, still that would not make her a natural born citizen. 

Second, her being a foundling is irrelevant.    What is being questioned is her act of applying for US citizenship, which happened when she was already of age.  That act legally and automatically removed from her the status of a natural-born citizen, even if she claims to have reacquired her Filipino citizenship.  When she applied for Filipino citizenship just to realize her ambition, she just became a naturalized Filipino citizen which is far different from being a natural-born citizen.

 Finally, the Filipino people are not interested in who her parents are, but on why she submitted a tampered birth certificate.  It is this tampered birth certificate that she will have to explain.  It is apart from the issue of her citizenship. It is a criminal act for which she could be prosecuted. The issue now is not about her qualification, but about her possible commission of falsification and perjury for which she must answer.


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