Signs no poll survey can interpret

There are ominous signs that can never be translated nor reduced to statistics by these anomalous poll surveys, but are nonetheless indicative why our people are prone to decide matters of importance to them as if to anticipate the future.  This column is not a fortune teller, but somehow is using our own logical deduction to allow us to read in between the lines how the candidate of this horrid administration, Manuel “Mar” Roxas, would fare in this coming presidential election.

This early, there are tell-tale signs that Mar would have difficulty hurdling the odds against his candidacy.    Notably, in all presidential elections, even in the land where we copied our bankrupt electoral system, once the party has nominated or chosen its presidential candidate, aspirants for the vice presidency gravitate around the man which the party has chosen as its standard bearer hoping they would be chosen as running mate.  They all vouch they could bolster the chances of their presidential candidate.

But in the case of Mar Roxas, it almost took him and the one who anointed him a month to select who will be his ideal running mate.  Mar was encountering difficulty that he had to seek the help of Noynoy and other party stalwarts to make a wise decision.  This, to me, is a sign of uncertainty about his chances of winning.   Why shy away from the golden opportunity to run as running mate when deep in their heart they truly aspired for it?

Rather, Mar himself and his handler in Malacañang, had to scout, convince and cajole people to be his running mate.  The decision to pick Camarines Sur Rep. Leni Robredo was not a wise choice; it was a desperate one.  If truly Robredo has the instinct that Roxas is likely to win, human nature plus ambition would have driven her not to wait for an invitation, but to offer herself insisting she has the qualities that could seal the victory for the LP.  Surely, the poll surveys cannot put this premonition to statistics of what is in store for the Liberal Party, but that is exactly what happened.  Bad omen are all falling one by one for the LP.   From a charge of wholesale graft and corruption, it is leaders are accused of prurient behavior.    

Notably, the country’s political parties and their respective political brokers have systematically “boxed out” the presidential bid of Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.  They all would want to ingratiate themselves to their foreign brokers sensing it holds the key to their victory by the magic of hocus-PCOS or the computerization of our electoral system to a foreign contractor.  Political kingpins and their mind-conditioners, styling themselves as poll surveyors, know that there pervades today cynicism about the outcome of this coming electoral exercise. They entertain the thought that political parties in this country are owned by them, and the members merely treated as minions and are paid to clap for their fielded candidates.  The democratic process of convention and nomination has all but been forgotten. 

Poll surveys would not admit the prognostications, for that would amount to confessing that what they have been dishing out to our people is fraudulent. Some say, there is much deeper reason why they pre-empted Bongbong Marcos as their standard bearer or why the party were he belongs purposely did not invite him.  They fear the election of Marcos might reconfigure the country’s political and economic landscape.  The country’s elite, their foreign brokers, the Church, whom they have reduced as acolytes, and with their mascot  who continue to style themselves as progressives,  all  adhere to same “win-win” proposition, for after all, it is not revolution that  they wage, but accommodation to a party that has given so much of taxpayers money to keep itself in power. 

Besides, they fear that Bongbong Marcos would break the wall that has caged us tight to the control of the oligarchy and the neocons; that Marcos running for president could compel them to reformulate their plan to commit massive fraud in this coming election.  They were banking that all the presidential candidates would, more or less, have a proportionate ratio of the votes casts.  That way, even if Roxas would lag behind, his foreign contractors would only have to cheat a lesser number of votes to tilt the figure in his favor.    An overwhelming popularity could spoil the game plan.  In fact, they have been encouraging as many kibitzers to run to enhance the chances of Roxas, and also to tell the world that democracy is not dead in this land of the hobos where the only thing that is for free is their so-called right to vote. 

Fraudulent poll surveys are now working round the clock to remind gullible voters that Mar is catching up with the popularity of Vice President Jejomar Binay whom the yellow hypocrites have branded as a thief.   If they could still pull down the rating of Binay, and possibly make it appear that Roxas is more popular now, it would be easy for them to manipulate the results to make Roxas win witho ut the people questioning how he did it.   In fact, the administration is on Plan “B” anticipating their American quisling would be disqualified.  Their devilish belief that every man has his  own  monetary equivalent  has hit a snag much nobody believes that Grace Poe is a Filipino citizen; that any justice who will decide in her favor  stands as the most stupid Filipino specimen  in this country,  

Thus, the decision of Senator Bongbong Marcos has caught the hypocrites by surprise because they thought they managed to impose a tight condone sanitaire to block his presidential bid.  Rather, it opened the door for him to run for the vice presidency which made him the unbeatable candidate for the position.  In fact, the announcement immediately caused the candidacy of Robredo to wobble even before they could project that propaganda why she could boast the candidacy of Mar. The three other vice presidential candidates like Senator Gregorio Honasan of UNO, Chiz Escudero of NPC, Alan Cayetano of the Nacionalista and Antonio Trillanes IV are seen as shoo-in candidates.  Like Leni, the three are Bicolanos, and all they can present as their credibility is their ambition.   

The decision of Bongbong Marcos to run for vice president, have made some of the presidential aspirants to change their mind. They have to make a sudden turnaround because they feel they have a better chance of winning with Bongbong Marcos as their running mate,  which in all these years have a  built-in loyal followers made up of the solid Ilocano, the Warays, and the urban poor beneficiaries of the welfare programs of Congresswoman Imelda Marcos.  

Through the social media, our enlightened people are now at crossroads in redefining the destiny this nation amidst the rumblings to break away from the oppressive US hegemony in hope of electing a leader who will focus more on the immediate problems of poverty, hunger and unemployment.  


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